What's included in this plan:

Boiler Repairs

Repairs to any part on your boiler including parts and labour.

Replacement Boiler

If your boiler is less than 8 years old and it is beyond economical repair we will supply you with a new one!

Boiler Health Check

If this is the first time you’ve taken up home emergency cover we will ask to give your boiler a health check. We will send one of our expert engineers to have a look at your boiler and make sure we can cover it.

Boiler Safety Check

We carry out an annual inspection of your boiler to ensure its safe operation.

24 Hour Cover

Need us in an emergency. We have engineers available 24 hour a day 365 days a year.

Heating System

We cover any part of your heating system. Pumps, Radiators, valves and everything in-between.

Timers & Controls

Faulty timer or thermostats don't worry! We cover them too.

Gas Pipework

From the gas meter right up to every appliance we cover all gas pipework.


Hot and cold pipework, hot water cylinders. Header tanks all covered when you add plumbing to your property plan.

Your options

Choose cover for your electrics OR drains.


Repairs and clearing of any drains on your property.


Fuses Tripping constantly? Faulty plug sockets and light switches? We have an extensive network of electricians who will power you back up in no time.